barbara1Energetic, dynamic, compelling and passionate, Barbara Bryant is dedicated to helping others grow from merely surviving to thriving in Christ. As a Christian speaker since 1985, she has a unique ability to reach diverse groups of people, inspiring audiences to overcome any obstacle, and with God, achieve the impossible. She has traveled through unbelievable hardships, only to emerge more confident in God to keep His Word. Her message of the mighty power of God to turnaround any circumstance in our lives lifts the hearts of those in her audience to reach up and achieve the unachievable!

Barbara’s simple, down-to-earth style of preaching God’s Word touches the hearts of men and women of all ages. She is biblically sound and her messages are always clear, inspirational and relatable to her audience. Her sense of humor and God-given ability to find positives in every negative can bring laughter and even brighten the darkest of days. After hearing her speak you will feel as if you know her more intimately; but most importantly you will realize the desire of her heart….that YOU will know God better.

She is an inspirational speaker, minister, singer, writer, author, youth mentor and Founder of “Barbara Bryant Ministries.” The premise for her ministry is Gifted To Be A Gift (Hebrews 13:16). Under Barbara Bryant Ministries, the following missions have been birthed to support the kingdom of God: The Gifted To Be A Gift Foundation which focuses on providing economic, intellectual and social help to low-income single mothers, female cancer patients, women dealing with physical and emotional abuse and troubled youth within the church. The Gifted To Be A Gift e-Newsletter which is an inspirational e-publication is emailed to over ten thousand e-subscribers every month.

A member of New Antioch Church of God In Christ in Los Angeles for over twenty-three years, she serves as President of one of the ministerial units which is designed to train young women in ministry. Barbara is also a member of Southern California First Jurisdiction Church of God In Christ and received her ministerial license under the leadership of Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake and State Supervisor Dr. Barbara McCoo Lewis.   Bishop Joe L. Ealy now serves as her Jurisdictional Bishop.  Within the organization she serves on the local, district and state level and has been the State Youth Chairlady for Southern California First Jurisdiction for twelve years.  Recently, she was appointed to the Auxiliaries In Ministry (AIM) Chairman in May 2013.

Barbara holds two degrees in Journalism. Focused and grounded in the Word of God, she is a refreshing change of pace, in a self-centered society. She is a voice for the voiceless, one who dares to stand up boldly to declare a message of hope, truth, and deliverance….and has been called, by God, for such a time as now.

Home Church: New Antioch Church of God in Christ, Los Angeles, CA.
Saved: February 8, 1979 at Pentecostal Church of God in Christ, Los Angeles, CA
Church Organization: Southern California First Jurisdiction Church of God In Christ
Status:  Widowed
Family: Two sons; Steven 24, Stedmon 15 and their canine, Daisy
Birthday: January 22
Mentors: Mrs. Jessie Stewart (mother) and Dr. Barbara McCoo Lewis
Hobbies: Spending time with my sons, reading and roller skating

Barbara’s Favorites
Scripture: Psalm 139:14
TV Show: “I Love Lucy”
Restaurant: Black Angus
Food: I love it all…except peas and sushi!
Hotel: The Westin
Gospel Singers: John P. Kee, Marvin Winans
Minister: Ernestine Cleveland Reems
Accomplishment: Barbara is the author of  four books: Compensated Suffering,  Gifted Inspirations, Stedmon Makes Me Laugh and I Make Him Pray; and F.B.I. (Favor, Blessing, Increase).