Do not forget or neglect to do kindness and good, to be generous and distribute and contribute to the needy [of the church as embodiment and proof of fellowship], for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.
Hebrews 13: 16 (AMP)

Just like Jesus knew His purpose, He clearly revealed to me through test and trials, the purpose and significance of my existence. My personal struggles began to fit into some kind of meaningful pattern, which initiated the programs available through Barbara Bryant Ministries. I have been charged to use the gift of God and the gift of the grace of God to accomplish the following mandates through the Gifted to Be a Gift Foundation:

Save Yourself.
The complexities of a deficient relationship led the ministry to providing resources and support for Christian women escaping violent or abusive situations, such as, domestic violence. This ministry has the opportunity to tangibly touch and heal the lives of thousands of Christian women by shining the light of God’s love into the dark pathways by providing emotional support, peer counseling and resources for safe emergency housing.

Gifted Connections. Soon after the Lord spoke to me to pursue Barbara Bryant Ministries on the Internet, I began to receive request for Bibles from men and women overseas and living in foreign countries. This mission began when I received a letter from a woman asking for a Bible in any condition. The woman went further to say, “If you don’t have a Bible, just send me any Christian material that talks about the love of Jesus Christ.” This, unforgettable request caused me to plant the awesome message of God’s salvation and the life changing effects of His Word by donating Bibles, Christian literature, and educational books to men and women overseas and in foreign countries.

bb-readingmomxYour Season Will Change. After bouncing from welfare to financial stability in eight months, this annual conference ministry helps single mothers receiving government assistance. The encouragement is needed for single parents who may feel that “where they are now” is where “they will always be.” Not So! This ministry provides tools/resources needed to help shift single mothers into a better tomorrow.

Gift Care. After one of my sisters was diagnosed with cancer (she is now healed), I discovered that the complex feelings that follow a cancer diagnosis can be almost as overwhelming for family members as they are for the person with cancer. The home care service involves cooking meals, cleaning the home, trips to the grocery store, reading the bible and prayer with the cancer patient. This ministry provides home care to give the family break from the daily demands.

bb-youthzJust For Youth. As a representative of youth, I have been exposed to a generation of youth at risk of substance abuse, academic failure, dropping out and committing crimes. A generation who attend church faithfully, but challenge parental authority, and are suffering from low self esteem, depression, unresolved or misdirected anger. As a youth mentor, I use this platform to empower youth to envision a better future, and then creatively construct a more positive life for themselves based on biblical principles. In addition, the ministry addresses the needs of youth by providing a whole solution addressing spiritual, emotional, social, academic, intellectual care and guidance.


Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer your time…
by helping with fundraising and outreach events.

Share your talents…
by being a part of the annual events for the foundation.

Lend a hand…
with service projects like preparing and serving a meal or holding a child for a mother while she studies. Or reading to a cancer patient as she rests.

Support a mother…
and her children by joining our mentoring program. You will assist a resident in her transition from a shelter to her independent life in the community.

Give gifts of value…
that will change lives. Donations are eligible for State and Federal tax deductions.

Our Wish List…
includes many everyday items needed to fulfill the needs of many abused women and single mothers. Some of these items are clothes, make-overs, bibles, gift cards, etc.