Dear Friend in Christ!

Not only is Jesus responsible for creating all things, He is the reason all things continue to exist. He is the constant sustaining power in our lives.  He’s not only holding the universe together, but He’s also holding you.

Scripture takes it to another level.  God is the gravitational center of purpose that pulls all the fragments of life into a cohesive whole.  He is the ongoing sustainer and center of all that is. The last phrase of Colossians 1:17 says, “In him all things hold together.” When Paul uses the phrase, “All things by him hold together,” he is speaking of our Lord’s power to sustain and to prevent breakdown.

The word “breakdown” is the inability to function on a day to day basis. When pressure begins to overwhelm us to the point where it compromises our personal well-being, we may show symptoms of an imminent breakdown. For example, when a marriage relationship falls apart, a ministry falters or dreams fail to materialize, or when we face a challenging loss, or family issues seem endless, it can make us feel as if we’re falling apart.

No doubt, we’ve all had to face, what I call, “one of those days,”– days when things fall apart and breakdown. Those days when we feel we can’t take another step, under the crushing weight of our circumstances.  We don’t like those days, do we? But even in that moment, God is still holding things together just for us.  What looks like a breakdown to us is really a breakthrough to Him.  It’s in those moments that God reveals His greatness to us.  He holds us together in difficult times while He transforms that breakdown into something amazing.

If this scenario describes you today, let me encourage you. Your difficulty may have interrupted your life, but it has not derailed your destiny.  A temporary setback won’t prevent God from leading you where He wants you to go. Just when it seems that chaos will rule, God steps in and overrules. That’s why you keep bouncing back. God is holding all things together, including your destiny.

So if God is holding your future together, it’s time to get it together. Ask God for a different perspective—to let you see through heaven’s eyes by faith, so you can believe and walk out ‘victory’ in every area of your life….in your talk, your walk, your attire, your mood, your career, your finances, your social media posts, your ministry and your sermons.

The word “together” speaks of a relationship.  The word means: Together with, in union with; in company or in combination with. God is doing His part, so do yours. Get it together and live as if it’s so, and watch God turn it around, in response to your faith. Start praising Him now, and watch all things work together for your good–today.