Silence is powerful.  Silence is spiritual strength. Silence is great confidence. Being quiet is a choice, but not a permanent status.

Recently, my dear mom passed away and it was urgent that we quickly plan her funeral. Usually, I’m quite capable and confident in my decision-making and administrative skills. I’m a serious researcher, a lover of analysis and a gifted organizer. I am the type of person who reads every review, investigates, becomes knowledgeable about the issues and ultimately makes an informed decision. I can even do this very quickly when the situation calls for it.

But this time–this time I was stuck. I was lost. I was bewildered.

I didn’t know where to begin processing. I was overwhelmed with the weight of the decisions that needed to be made. I was completely unfamiliar with this version of myself. Unsure which direction to take first, or even what I wanted to do, I felt lost and disoriented. I couldn’t muster up enough strength on my own to accomplish the task. I was mentally fatigued.

Paralyzed by uncertainty, my ability faltered. In prayer, I clearly heard God tell me to be silent and be still for a few hours. To not plan or organize, but to dwell in the pain, the grief, the uncertainty and let Him show me the way. Grieving was foreign territory for me and I was on a deadline here.  I had no time to sit still. But I obeyed God and did absolutely nothing for several hours. I just rested my mind from anything having to do with my mom’s funeral.

God was very gentle with me–like the loving Father He is. He took my hand and slowly led me to a scripture in His word. It was Isaiah 30:15 which reads: “In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.” The word for quietness in Hebrew means “repose.” And “repose” means calm, relaxed, free from all anxiety; to be still, to lie down with support underneath.”

I had known this verse by heart forever, but in that moment, it hit the core of my being. Quickly, the Lord reminded me that silence is a strength builder. It is an equalizer; a stabilizer. It replenishes our mental resources and reloads our inner man. It is a secret weapon to spiritual strength.

Silence is more than the absence of noise — it allows the presence of everything that we need. Silence is also where answers to problems find us, rather than trying to force ourselves to find them.

While some people dislike a silent environment, equating it with being alone and lonely, I look forward to spending time with just my thoughts, seeking silence with eagerness, as if anticipating a gift. Cutting out the noise to hear from God is a gift you give yourself. Indeed, silence offers profound benefits, many of which we aren’t even aware.

Do you need strength today? I encourage you to calm your mind from the cares of this world and quiet yourself before God. Break away from the distractions and turn to the Lord. He’ll cover you with a blanket of peace, fill you with His strength and give you rest in the midst of everything you’re facing.


Remember, you have the power to activate “noise cancellation” and deactivate “internal chatter” in your mind at any time. It’s done by simply quieting yourself.  To learn more about Barbara Bryant, visit