Are you too critical of the child that God made?  Do you think God could have created you better or improved a few things better like your nose, butt, breast or lips?  The answer is no.  You are wonderfully complex.

God never used a cookie cutter to create people.  He made you from scratch.   I really want you to get this…. You are God’s original work.  He made you once.  One of you was enough for God.    When you were born you came hot off the press.  Like a trade mark, you have been patented by God.  He has exclusive rights to your creation.

God made you exceptional. Being exceptional is having an outstanding quality which makes you different from the crowd. When a person is exceptional, he/she displays an outstanding quality or skill that cannot be duplicated.  If you believe this, you will not have a problem complimenting another person for their skills, choices or achievements.  You will celebrate other people because you know your self-worth.

You were made deliberately.  You were created with detail. God’s precision is seen in your individuality.  Your individual uniqueness is God designed and your qualities are tailored fit to you.

God made every part of your body just the way He wanted you to look. The Creator’s handprint was dramatically placed on you.  God prescribed every single detail of your body. You are His crowning creation. You are a direct result of God and was perfectly designed for His glory.  Bottom-line, you were created in a special way for a special reason. He made you on purpose for a purpose.

God did not design you to be anybody else because there is nobody else on this earth that could ever be equal or equivalent to you. When you try to be something that you’re not, it comes across as disingenuous and you risk losing whatever it is that makes you special.

Sometimes we get down on ourselves if we feel like we’re different than others, but being unique is a very good thing. Think about it! No one else has been given exactly the same makeup as God has given you. God has fearfully and wonderfully made us, setting us apart as the brightest, clearest mirror of His creativity.

God has uniquely wired you to be different. This why you need to spend time getting to know yourself. When you do, you will discover that you are an amazing person. Take a good look in the mirror, and tell yourself, “No doubt about it—I’m fearfully and wonderfully made!”

Remember the old wise saying…Being the best is great, it means you’re number one. But being unique is greater, because you’re the only one. No one in the world is more beautiful than you, so treasure your uniqueness. Your uniqueness is an answer to someone’s problem.