When was the last time you acknowledged and appreciated yourself? That’s right: YOU. Not your spouse, not your children, not your boss, co-workers or friends. Just YOU!  Seriously, think about it. And if it’s been a long time since you last gave yourself a pat on the back, then I want you to spend the first 90 days of 2018 acknowledging and appreciating yourself for everything you’ve accomplished. Ask yourself this question: How many times have I enjoyed success in the past month? The past year? The past five years? Am I able to recall my successes as easily as I do my failures?

Whether you believe it or not, this is not a selfish and egotistical act in the least. By taking the time to stop and appreciate who you are and what you’ve achieved–and perhaps what you learned via minor mistakes, stumbles and losses, it will recharge and refuel you to go forward with new passion this year. My personal experiences have taught me, that the secret of success is to regularly practice acknowledging and appreciating what you have and what you’ve done. There’s power in the truth: “Be thankful for what you have and you’ll end up having more. Be thankful for what you do; and you’ll end up doing more.”

Many Christians fail to value the small successes they experience every day. And yet they can recall in grand detail the times they failed or made what seem like unforgettable mistakes. I want to encourage you to learn from your mistakes by understanding them and then letting them go, refusing to dwell on them. Be gentle regarding your weaknesses. Acknowledge that they were there to meet a need, but now you’re finding new and more positive ways to fulfill those needs. By adopting this attitude, you can lovingly release the old negative patterns and celebrate the magnificent part of you that suddenly shines through.

In 2018, I want you to become your own greatest advocate and cheerleader. I want you to develop a habit of applauding the greatness in you and hang out with people who will cheer you on to victory. Rid yourself of doubters, detractors, haters, hell-raisers and intimidators. Hook-up with encouragers and strong supporters.

What parts of yourself are you proud of? At this point, you should be able to focus on the positive aspects of your life and remember all the wonderful things you’ve accomplished. If that describes your focus, celebrate yourself, right now. Allow yourself to enjoy how wonderful it feels when you finally get something you have worked for, and long dreamed about. And that calls, first and foremost, for basking in the joy of being you.

You matter, so relax and bask in the knowledge that you’re making an impact that no one can take away from you.