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Published by Barbara Bryant on 07 Oct 2019

Put the Blame Where It Belongs

You have an enemy. Although unseen by the natural eye, this adversary is not imaginary nor a mythological character. Satan, the devil, is a real person… a spirit being, with intelligence and tangible characteristics. He is the personification of all that is evil and is the author of every wicked work. His nonstop goal is to “steal, kill, and destroy” (John 10:10).

Around the clock the enemy is on the prowl, seeking to cause disorder and destruction to your life. With military-like strategy and ruthless hostility, the devil aggressively searches for weakness in your faith, hoping to devour you with deception, temptation, or oppression.

Satan has targeted you as a victim. He knows your name and address, your strengths and weaknesses. Why? You are a threat to him. He knows that you have the ability to influence a multitude of people. He sees the impact of your gift and ministry on others. He recognizes your anointing and your great contribution to God’s kingdom, so he wants to destroy you. He wants to take you down. Right now, he is waiting and planning for the moment to strike.

The devil is our real enemy, not your spouse, not your pastor, not your employer, parent, friend, or sibling. It is the devil. His method of operation is always “undercover.” That means he comes in under the radar, totally undetected manipulating circumstances, disguising his activities behind the shroud of people or things. His goal is to always divert attention and blame others for his actions.

When Satan makes his move and tries to take you down, you make your move and take him out. Use your spiritual authority to cast down his demonic activity. Plead the blood of Jesus. You have the authority. And he knows it. Declare these words:

“The Blood of Jesus Against You”

“Satan! Lose Your Hold”

“Devil! The Lord Rebuke You”

“Satan! I Bind You, In The Name of Jesus”

“The Blood, The Blood, The Blood”

It is the Blood that Satan fears. Not your position, power, money or prestige.  Revelation 12:11 says, “And they overcame him [Satan] by the blood of the Lamb …” So this month, put the blame where it belongs. Rebuke him just as Jesus did.

Published by Barbara Bryant on 02 Apr 2019

It’s A Big Deal to God

You took the high road, made a sacrificial choice, and seemed to lose while the other person played dirty–was unfair, dishonest, and deceitful, and consequently benefitted from it. I’m talking about evil behavior that drained your pocketbook; the kind of mischief that made you weep –lies, plots and fabrications that caused you repeated sleepless nights on your therapeutic mattress. This is such a big deal to God that He wrote about it in the Bible.

Have you ever wondered why God instructs us to not be envious of the prosperity or the advancement of the wicked (Psalms 37:9)?  It’s because the lives of the wicked are short-lived and shall be cut down like the grass. Their season is provisional and temporary.

You should never worry about the wicked, who believe they’re winning, but to God they are: “The Biggest Losers,” and will come to a destructive end. That’s the Bible. That’s God good order. His recompense will arrive on time.

Sometimes we make things more complicated than they have to be. God’s plan is really very simple:

Evildoers shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the
green herb. . . . For yet a little while and the wicked shall
be no more. . . . The Lord laughs at him, for He sees that his day is coming. . . .

God doesn’t just have an encouraging Word for us here. He doesn’t just drop spiritual platitudes on us from afar and then abandon us, but He rolls up his sleeves, steps into our complexities and does battle on our behalf. The promise is that the Lord will not allow the wicked to fulfill their plans to destroy the righteous.

Our God, mighty in power, fights for us.  He is bigger and greater than your craziest enemy. If you’re in the heat of the battle right now, or if the enemy is hot on your trail, it’s a big deal to God.

I would suggest that you buy some popcorn, pour yourself a large Diet Coke and lean back in your recliner and rest.  Why? Because the unrighteous will get what is coming to them, while you come out on top in your movie.

Fret not!  You are the upright, so don’t get uptight.  God knows  how to handle the wicked much better than you can.

Published by Barbara Bryant on 04 Mar 2019

Get It Together Because He’s Holding It Together!

Dear Friend in Christ!

Not only is Jesus responsible for creating all things, He is the reason all things continue to exist. He is the constant sustaining power in our lives.  He’s not only holding the universe together, but He’s also holding you.

Scripture takes it to another level.  God is the gravitational center of purpose that pulls all the fragments of life into a cohesive whole.  He is the ongoing sustainer and center of all that is. The last phrase of Colossians 1:17 says, “In him all things hold together.” When Paul uses the phrase, “All things by him hold together,” he is speaking of our Lord’s power to sustain and to prevent breakdown.

The word “breakdown” is the inability to function on a day to day basis. When pressure begins to overwhelm us to the point where it compromises our personal well-being, we may show symptoms of an imminent breakdown. For example, when a marriage relationship falls apart, a ministry falters or dreams fail to materialize, or when we face a challenging loss, or family issues seem endless, it can make us feel as if we’re falling apart.

No doubt, we’ve all had to face, what I call, “one of those days,”– days when things fall apart and breakdown. Those days when we feel we can’t take another step, under the crushing weight of our circumstances.  We don’t like those days, do we? But even in that moment, God is still holding things together just for us.  What looks like a breakdown to us is really a breakthrough to Him.  It’s in those moments that God reveals His greatness to us.  He holds us together in difficult times while He transforms that breakdown into something amazing.

If this scenario describes you today, let me encourage you. Your difficulty may have interrupted your life, but it has not derailed your destiny.  A temporary setback won’t prevent God from leading you where He wants you to go. Just when it seems that chaos will rule, God steps in and overrules. That’s why you keep bouncing back. God is holding all things together, including your destiny.

So if God is holding your future together, it’s time to get it together. Ask God for a different perspective—to let you see through heaven’s eyes by faith, so you can believe and walk out ‘victory’ in every area of your life….in your talk, your walk, your attire, your mood, your career, your finances, your social media posts, your ministry and your sermons.

The word “together” speaks of a relationship.  The word means: Together with, in union with; in company or in combination with. God is doing His part, so do yours. Get it together and live as if it’s so, and watch God turn it around, in response to your faith. Start praising Him now, and watch all things work together for your good–today.

Published by Barbara Bryant on 27 Aug 2018

Quiet Strength: The Power of Silence

Silence is powerful.  Silence is spiritual strength. Silence is great confidence. Being quiet is a choice, but not a permanent status.

Recently, my dear mom passed away and it was urgent that we quickly plan her funeral. Usually, I’m quite capable and confident in my decision-making and administrative skills. I’m a serious researcher, a lover of analysis and a gifted organizer. I am the type of person who reads every review, investigates, becomes knowledgeable about the issues and ultimately makes an informed decision. I can even do this very quickly when the situation calls for it.

But this time–this time I was stuck. I was lost. I was bewildered.

I didn’t know where to begin processing. I was overwhelmed with the weight of the decisions that needed to be made. I was completely unfamiliar with this version of myself. Unsure which direction to take first, or even what I wanted to do, I felt lost and disoriented. I couldn’t muster up enough strength on my own to accomplish the task. I was mentally fatigued.

Paralyzed by uncertainty, my ability faltered. In prayer, I clearly heard God tell me to be silent and be still for a few hours. To not plan or organize, but to dwell in the pain, the grief, the uncertainty and let Him show me the way. Grieving was foreign territory for me and I was on a deadline here.  I had no time to sit still. But I obeyed God and did absolutely nothing for several hours. I just rested my mind from anything having to do with my mom’s funeral.

God was very gentle with me–like the loving Father He is. He took my hand and slowly led me to a scripture in His word. It was Isaiah 30:15 which reads: “In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.” The word for quietness in Hebrew means “repose.” And “repose” means calm, relaxed, free from all anxiety; to be still, to lie down with support underneath.”

I had known this verse by heart forever, but in that moment, it hit the core of my being. Quickly, the Lord reminded me that silence is a strength builder. It is an equalizer; a stabilizer. It replenishes our mental resources and reloads our inner man. It is a secret weapon to spiritual strength.

Silence is more than the absence of noise — it allows the presence of everything that we need. Silence is also where answers to problems find us, rather than trying to force ourselves to find them.

While some people dislike a silent environment, equating it with being alone and lonely, I look forward to spending time with just my thoughts, seeking silence with eagerness, as if anticipating a gift. Cutting out the noise to hear from God is a gift you give yourself. Indeed, silence offers profound benefits, many of which we aren’t even aware.

Do you need strength today? I encourage you to calm your mind from the cares of this world and quiet yourself before God. Break away from the distractions and turn to the Lord. He’ll cover you with a blanket of peace, fill you with His strength and give you rest in the midst of everything you’re facing.


Remember, you have the power to activate “noise cancellation” and deactivate “internal chatter” in your mind at any time. It’s done by simply quieting yourself.  To learn more about Barbara Bryant, visit

Published by Barbara Bryant on 05 Jun 2018

Treasure Your Uniqueness

Are you too critical of the child that God made?  Do you think God could have created you better or improved a few things better like your nose, butt, breast or lips?  The answer is no.  You are wonderfully complex.

God never used a cookie cutter to create people.  He made you from scratch.   I really want you to get this…. You are God’s original work.  He made you once.  One of you was enough for God.    When you were born you came hot off the press.  Like a trade mark, you have been patented by God.  He has exclusive rights to your creation.

God made you exceptional. Being exceptional is having an outstanding quality which makes you different from the crowd. When a person is exceptional, he/she displays an outstanding quality or skill that cannot be duplicated.  If you believe this, you will not have a problem complimenting another person for their skills, choices or achievements.  You will celebrate other people because you know your self-worth.

You were made deliberately.  You were created with detail. God’s precision is seen in your individuality.  Your individual uniqueness is God designed and your qualities are tailored fit to you.

God made every part of your body just the way He wanted you to look. The Creator’s handprint was dramatically placed on you.  God prescribed every single detail of your body. You are His crowning creation. You are a direct result of God and was perfectly designed for His glory.  Bottom-line, you were created in a special way for a special reason. He made you on purpose for a purpose.

God did not design you to be anybody else because there is nobody else on this earth that could ever be equal or equivalent to you. When you try to be something that you’re not, it comes across as disingenuous and you risk losing whatever it is that makes you special.

Sometimes we get down on ourselves if we feel like we’re different than others, but being unique is a very good thing. Think about it! No one else has been given exactly the same makeup as God has given you. God has fearfully and wonderfully made us, setting us apart as the brightest, clearest mirror of His creativity.

God has uniquely wired you to be different. This why you need to spend time getting to know yourself. When you do, you will discover that you are an amazing person. Take a good look in the mirror, and tell yourself, “No doubt about it—I’m fearfully and wonderfully made!”

Remember the old wise saying…Being the best is great, it means you’re number one. But being unique is greater, because you’re the only one. No one in the world is more beautiful than you, so treasure your uniqueness. Your uniqueness is an answer to someone’s problem.

Published by Barbara Bryant on 14 Feb 2018

You Matter

When was the last time you acknowledged and appreciated yourself? That’s right: YOU. Not your spouse, not your children, not your boss, co-workers or friends. Just YOU!  Seriously, think about it. And if it’s been a long time since you last gave yourself a pat on the back, then I want you to spend the first 90 days of 2018 acknowledging and appreciating yourself for everything you’ve accomplished. Ask yourself this question: How many times have I enjoyed success in the past month? The past year? The past five years? Am I able to recall my successes as easily as I do my failures?

Whether you believe it or not, this is not a selfish and egotistical act in the least. By taking the time to stop and appreciate who you are and what you’ve achieved–and perhaps what you learned via minor mistakes, stumbles and losses, it will recharge and refuel you to go forward with new passion this year. My personal experiences have taught me, that the secret of success is to regularly practice acknowledging and appreciating what you have and what you’ve done. There’s power in the truth: “Be thankful for what you have and you’ll end up having more. Be thankful for what you do; and you’ll end up doing more.”

Many Christians fail to value the small successes they experience every day. And yet they can recall in grand detail the times they failed or made what seem like unforgettable mistakes. I want to encourage you to learn from your mistakes by understanding them and then letting them go, refusing to dwell on them. Be gentle regarding your weaknesses. Acknowledge that they were there to meet a need, but now you’re finding new and more positive ways to fulfill those needs. By adopting this attitude, you can lovingly release the old negative patterns and celebrate the magnificent part of you that suddenly shines through.

In 2018, I want you to become your own greatest advocate and cheerleader. I want you to develop a habit of applauding the greatness in you and hang out with people who will cheer you on to victory. Rid yourself of doubters, detractors, haters, hell-raisers and intimidators. Hook-up with encouragers and strong supporters.

What parts of yourself are you proud of? At this point, you should be able to focus on the positive aspects of your life and remember all the wonderful things you’ve accomplished. If that describes your focus, celebrate yourself, right now. Allow yourself to enjoy how wonderful it feels when you finally get something you have worked for, and long dreamed about. And that calls, first and foremost, for basking in the joy of being you.

You matter, so relax and bask in the knowledge that you’re making an impact that no one can take away from you.



Published by Barbara Bryant on 02 Aug 2017

Is Your Belief-System Working?

I have no problem saying, “I don’t know some things about God.” But just because I don’t know some things about God, it does not mean, I don’t believe in God.

John 14:1 says, “…Believe in God.” What Jesus meant by believing in God, means believing everything that God has said about Himself. “Believe in God” means trusting that God deals with us not according to who we are, but according to who He is. “Believe in God” means to account God trustworthy, that God is faithful to God’s promises.

Is your belief-system working?   Most people don’t realize how their beliefs shape them and their life.  What we believe changes the way we perceive the world around us. What we believe impacts the way we think. What we believe influences the choices we make.

Your belief-system is powerful.  It is what causes you to feel the way you do. It determines your behaviors and actions.  Your belief-system is your “auto-pilot.”  Your “auto-pilot” makes you do what you do, believe what you believe and is the source of everything you do in life.   If God is not your “auto-pilot” you may need to change your belief-system.

You might say, “I believe in God.”  Are you certain that you do? We believe in our problems, our setbacks, our troubles, and our hurts because we cry over them, complain about them, and have pity parties with our test and trails. But are you certain that you believe in God? Do you really believe that God will do what He says He will do?

When you study the Scriptures, you clearly see God spoke, and later God did what He said He would do. That should strengthen your faith, knowing God will perform His word. No spoken word from God shall be without power or impossible of fulfillment.  For this reason, you’ve got to believe in God.

Everything we say about Jesus, everything we say about the Holy Spirit, everything we profess about the church, salvation, judgment, blessings, miracles and eternity all depend upon the God we say we believe in. So, let’s take a look at this God in whom we say we believe.

God is omnipotent. He can do anything He wants to do.  God is omniscient which simply means, God knows everything.  God is omnipresent. He’s everywhere at once.  So how do we apply this?  Believe it!  Why? It’s what the Scripture says.  It is what God has revealed to us concerning himself.

Bottom-line, when it comes to deciding what believing in God means, why not believe and act on what God Himself said?  When you do, your life will reflect it and God will perform the impossible in your life.

Published by Barbara Bryant on 30 Mar 2017

When Jesus Prays That Your Faith Fails Not, It Won’t!

God has warned us about Satan in the Bible. Satan is a master destroyer of the souls of men. He has been a murderer and a liar from the beginning, so God commanded us to be sober and vigilant because our adversary, the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour.

Satan’s greatest desire is to have you, that he may sift you as wheat (Luke 22:31). Don’t think of the sifting of flour when reading this scripture. When God talks about sifting wheat, He is referring to a very violent action used to separate the grain from the stalk and chaff. It literally means “tearing the wheat apart.” It means to beat, bend and shake the wheat stalks so violently that the valuable grain shakes loose from the shaft, which is worthless.

In essence, Jesus was saying to Peter: “Satan doesn’t think your faith is real. He thinks if he overwhelms you with temptations, burdens, arduous tests and painful trials, your faith is going to self-destruct and fall to the ground as worthless refuse.”

The devil is not ignorant. Somehow he understood that Peter was set apart to bear much fruit. He knew that God would give Peter power and authority that would be mightily-used used against his kingdom of darkness. This is the very reason Satan wants to sift you. He knows that you have been set apart by God and prepared by His own hand to be a powerful witness to many. And the greater your potential for God’s kingdom, the more severe your sifting will be.

To put it simply, you are on Satan’s hit list. He wants to sift and distract you away from your purpose, your ministry, and your kingdom assignment. He wants to sift and woo you away from church, from prayer, from the abundant life, and the list goes on.

Perhaps, like Peter, you are being shaken and sifted. If so, you ought to rejoice knowing you have such a noteworthy reputation in hell. Satan wouldn’t be after you if you weren’t a hazard to his evil plans. He only seeks to sift those who threaten his work. He always goes after the tree with the most potential to bear fruit–after the believer who is making an impact for the kingdom of God, a threat to his evil plans.

It’s the image of God in you that so enrages hell. It’s not your gift, your car or your material wealth. It’s your yoke-breaking, devil-destroying anointing and power.

Just as He did for Peter, Christ intercedes, praying for us, that our faith will not fail.   Wow, that’s huge! The very God of the universe prays for us. When the Savior prays that your faith does not fail, it won’t. Because when Jesus intercedes for us, it’s not just any old call for help, but a specific intercession on our behalf.

Jesus’ prayers are not only powerful and effective but they’re also omniscient. Jesus knows in advance everything that we will go through. He knew what would happen to Peter–the denials, the lies, and the cursing. Jesus saw it all beforehand, so He knew exactly what Peter needed. Jesus knew exactly how to pray for Peter, and He knows exactly how to pray for you.

Isn’t it interesting that the Lord didn’t pray that Peter wouldn’t fall? He prayed that his faith wouldn’t fail. He did not want his faith to shipwreck in ruins. And in the end, Peter’s faith did not fail because of the Master’s prayer.

As long as you’re alive on Planet Earth you will face troubles, trials, problems and the pressures of life that might otherwise shake your faith. But because Jesus is praying for you, your faith will never be shattered. Don’t lose your faith!


Published by Barbara Bryant on 07 Feb 2017

Sorry, I Have No Fuel for Your Fire!

Gossip is wicked and sinful — a seething and destructive evil. Gossip, in its original form, is a violation of the fifth Commandment. Exodus 20:16 tells us: “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” Gossip is a form of betrayal that involves listening to and/or passing on something uncomplimentary about another with the wrong intent or purpose. It perpetuates lies that ought to have died or never been spoken. It assassinates character, and the reason it’s so dangerous is because it’s so subtle and ambiguous that many are unable to recognize it for what it is.

Gossip is quite common and seemingly casual—even innocent, yet it is hurtful beyond our wildest imagination. Its venom works like a silent poison, betraying confidences, undermining treasured relationships, and making enemies of close friends.

The word “gossip” is defined as “one who reveals secrets; one who goes about as a talebearer or scandal-monger.” A talebearer is a person who circulates rumors that are either distortions of truth or outright lies designed to do mischief.

As believers we are told that love covers a multitude of sins; that means that even if there is an actual offense or sin, we are not to broadcast it to others, but rather to forgive and pray for that person, believing God will turn things around. Jesus is our model; we know how many sins He not only covered, but forgave and forgot on our behalf, giving us a gracious and undeserved second chance. Should we not do the same for those we claim to love and respect?

Scripture goes on to say that the tongue is a flaming fire that has incredible potential to destroy if we aren’t careful, and if we say we are followers of Jesus, we break His heart and make the cross of no effect, when we gossip and wound His beloved. The Word goes on to say that the world will know us by our love. Do they see Jesus when they look and listen to us saying careless and hurtful things about others?

It’s up to us as believers to give others the benefit of the doubt, believing the best of them rather than the worst. That’s why it’s so vital that we not be quick to believe everything we hear. The Golden Rule makes it clear that we are to do unto others as we want them to do unto us. The mounting evidence emphasizes how important our words are, and how God will judge us for every idle word.

Think of how many times you’ve believed something to be true only to discover that it was totally wrong. How often have you been deeply wounded by a rumor that got out of hand?

Proverbs 26:20 says, “Without wood a fire goes out; without gossip a quarrel dies down.” A talebearer can’t keep stoking the fire if you remove the fuel. How do you remove the fuel? Refuse to listen to rumors. Speak up and let them know that you find their gossip distasteful and offensive. They may not respond well, but they will no doubt know where you stand, and will respect you for protecting a reputation, knowing that the next time it may be theirs.

Let 2017 be the year where you stop adding fuel to the fire. Stop repeating everything you hear. Stop texting everything you hear. Stop emailing everything you hear. Stop classifying your email as “newsy” when you’re actually being “nosy.” Be very cautious about the things you share about others in the body of Christ. Remember, God hates the one “who sows discord among brethren” (Prov. 6:16-19).

Published by Barbara Bryant on 08 Dec 2016

When You “Do”, You’ll Receive What’s “Due”

I believe with all my heart that God wants you to live a life of favor. I believe He wants your life to be radically blessed with favor and increase. I believe God wants you to prosper and be favor-conscious in everything you do, giving Him glory. It’s His promise to us in the Bible.

I know the devil wants you to believe that “it’s never going to happen”, but the devil is a liar.  Don’t lose your sense of expectancy, just because it hasn’t happened yet. I sense in my spirit that God has some surprises in store for you this month. Yes, this very month. The reward, the blessing and the promise are about to be released into your life in ways you can’t even imagine. It’s going to be sudden, unexpected and extraordinary—completely unforgettable. In fact, you need to get ready now, preparing yourself because your reward has been dispatched straight from heaven. It’s on the way.

I am literally sitting on the edge of my seat right now because the “thing” you have been waiting on, is on its way. God is about to reward you – big time.  Your haters cannot block, stop or prevent this blessing from getting to you. More importantly, you will not be affected by their drama, gossip or negativity when the blessing finally arrives. God did not consult them before releasing the blessing, so their input does not matter one way or the other.

The Bible says God is a rewarder (Hebrews 11:6). We are told, “The righteous will be rewarded in the earth” (Proverbs 11:31). Not just in heaven, but in the earth. The assertion that God is a master at rewarding us is founded on the fact that God is so full and so completely self-sufficient that He overflows. If we do not fully believe God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him, then our prayers serve very little purpose.

As Christians, we must be persuaded that God delights in giving rewards to His children. This is a truth you must believe and make your own. You must believe it and receive it in your spirit that God loves to reward His beloved. Personally, I love how God presented Himself to Abraham in the Bible. God said to Abraham that He (God) was his (Abraham’s) exceedingly great reward (Genesis 15:1). God Himself is His people’s reward! No doubt Abraham considered it a prize to become the father of many nations, but God said there was something even greater—the glory coming down in the Person of the Father to minister favor to His beloved.

Receiving a reward is a wonderful experience. It offers recognition for something attained or accomplished. What is even more significant is the source of the reward. Can you imagine what it is like to receive a reward from the Creator of all things! That is precisely what happens for those who seek Him. Hebrews 11:6 tells us that seeking God results in a reward from God Himself. So seeking God must be a very special endeavor indeed for God to present a reward to the faithful. And though we don’t do it merely for the reward, we would be foolish not to seek Him.  Bottom line, when we “do” our part in seeking God, we will receive what’s “due” us.

God is a recompenser, a remunerator—that is, a God who pays well for faithfulness. When you constantly and earnestly put in concerted effort to do the will of God, He records it for posterity and rewards you greatly in due season, so get ready to receive! The best is yet to come.

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